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About Us

At Country Kitchen, our recipes are true to the old traditions and are created fresh daily in our own kitchen. Each of our dishes is prepared and presented in the authentic and healthy style of cooking used for countless generations.

From Our Menu

Random Dishes

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    Plain Naan

    • Single - 35
    Large round flat bread.
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    Kadhai Chicken

    • Quarter - 180
    • Half - 300
    • Full - 490
    Chicken cooked with Capsicum, Onion and Tomato with a dash of Indian spices.
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    Vegetable Manchurian in Sauce (Ginger Garlic/ Sweet & Sour)

    • Half - 180
    • Full - 200
    Deep fried vegetable balls with Szechuan sauce.
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    Garlic Naan

    • Single - 45
    Large round flat bread infused with nice Garlic flavour.
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    Dal Makhni

    • Half - 100
    • Full - 180
    Combination of Urad and Chana lentils cooked in Indian gravy without onion and garlic.


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    Soya Chap Masala

    Steamed soya chaap cooked in tomato gravy with a blend of Indian herbs.

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